Marine Services

North Arm Transportation offers scheduled service along the BC Coast, chartered trips from Puget Sound to Alaska, and a local shift tug in Vancouver Harbour and Fraser Rivers.

  • We provide both tug services and barge transportation to move your equipment and commodities up and down the BC coast.
  • Whether you need a tug to tow your own barge, or require the use of ours, we are able to accommodate your freight and fuel needs.
  • We have been providing specialized and large equipment hauling services along the coast for more than 50 years.

Our vessels include:

  • Two Class A certified combination double hull fuel and freight barges.
  • Eight single hull barges for general freight and oil storage (permanently secured).
  • 4 (1,000) horsepower tugs; Transport Canada certified.
  • The North Arm Prowler is our on-call local tug, which is available 24-hours a day to assist you. Based in the North Arm of the Fraser River, she works in the Main River, Harbour, and Lower Gulf.



Class A Combination Fuel/Deck Freight Barges Equipped With Ramps
Deck Barges Equipped With Ramps
Deck Barges
Fuel Storage Barges

Other Important Information

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