Fuel Supply

Fuel Sales

Using Canada’s only Class A, Class Approved, double hulled combination fuel and freight barges we are the largest independent marine re-seller of fuel on the coast. Part of our success is due to our commitment to quality and good practices in meeting our customers’ needs. All of our delivery barges have separate systems for each type of product to maintain its’ integrity.

North Arm Transportation offers a wide range of high quality fuels including:

  • ULSD — Marked & clear
  • Gasoline – Marked & clear, Non-ethanol, two grades
  • Winter Diesel – 43 cloud
  • AV100
  • Jet A
  • Heating fuel
  • Furnace oil
  • Propane (bulk)

** We offer quality lubricants and fuel supplements from various producers including Petro Canada, Chevron, and Petrolabs.

North Arm Transportation has a fleet of combination fuel barges, storage barges, and trucks to provide you fuel where you want it on the BC coast. We can also provide storage barges for large quantities. Either way, with one simple order, we will deliver fuel to your desired location.

What Makes North Arm Transportation Unique?

  • Our separate tanks, pipes, and pumps for each of our products, ensures superior fuel quality is maintained.
  • We focus on best practices to prevent co-mingling and contamination.
  • In 2012 the North Arm Genesis was added to our fleet. She is the first double hull, combination deck freight and bulk fuel-carrying barge in Canada. She carries her product in 12 tanks through 4 systems and is built for closed loading at refineries.
  • She was built to class with Lloyd’s Register and is being used by Transport Canada as the model for new Oil Barge Regulations to address this type of construction.

Fuel Transportation

North Arm Transportation is the best option for shipping your fuel throughout coastal BC.

North Arm is equipped to move your fuel between locations anywhere on the coast, whether in large quantities or small.

We can load your product at either the refinery or by truck at our yard. Our barges are equipped with separate systems for each product in order to ensure product quality.

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