Our Company History

Our company history

Quality Marine Service Since 1958

From the beginning, North Arm Transportation has been a marine service company; historically it is the core of our business, which continues today.

Founded in 1958, North Arm Transportation Ltd. was a subsidiary of Stradiotti Brothers Limited to engage in the movement of petroleum products on the BC coast on behalf of Standard Oil. Over time the corporate emphasis shifted to fuel and freight work concentrated on logging and mining accounts and Chevron agency deliveries.

North Arm Transportation Today

Our company history

Today North Arm Transportation is an independent fuel reseller with strong relationships among coastal communities, forestry, mining, construction, and tourism industries.

Our land-based operations in Haida Gwaii provide heating fuel to residents as well as commercial fuels to land, marine, and aviation industries. Non-fuel activities include short-sea container transport and specialized heavy-haul shipping.

Our terminal operations in the Lower Mainland and Masset as well as contact terminals in Campbell River and Prince Rupert address the link between land and sea.

Safety & Environment

Our company history

North Arm voluntarily observes the International Safety Management Code (ISM) to ensure safety and protection of the environment. We adhere to all applicable Canadian, provincial and local safety regulations and conduct business transparently in order to meet our obligations and mitigate the risk associated with the movement of petroleum products.

We instituted a Safety Management System, which is annually monitored by Lloyd’s Register and we maintain one of the longest safety histories among our competitors. North Arm Transportation is proud to be a member of the Green Marine environmental program.

North Arm Transportation is a forward-thinking, progressive company that continues to grow and evolve, while regarding our history and our roots.

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